"Those days were long gone by now. If only they had lasted just a little while longer"

“How bad could it have been?” Bas smirks and Yuu looks up at him, his golden hair shining brilliantly, haloed in the lights. He couldn’t help thinking that Yuu really was his antithesis. He was some cosmic force of good destined to grind the nerves of someone less than pure.

He looks at Damien innocently and Melee looks back at him catching a slight twinkle in his eye. He was faking his brain defect again. She knew when the disease was genuinely affecting his ability to concentrate and remember things and when he was pretending to be dumb to look cute or shirk responsibility. But why was he playing it up now?

She sighs looking out at the buildings, the urges of the forest calling her back. She frowns seeing the smoke off in the distance, a smell and feeling only all too familiar overcoming her. The nostalgia brought an unbearable feeling of foreboding the likes of which she had never felt before. Witches were getting closer, but for what reason were they here?