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History is told by the victors.

Stories are told by the heroes.


Until now.


In every tale from myth, legend, or faerie there are the voiceless: those characters who live in the silent, untold spaces, or whose inner worlds are never visited. This collection retells 14 classic stories you may think you already know, from perspectives you never thought to consider.


The unexamined life is not worth living, or so the saying goes. No longer will we let those voices go unheard.


This is Heads and Tales: because like the flip of a coin, the stories can change. Take a shot, and see where it takes you.

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A collaborative winter-themed horror-mystery anthology:

Detective Spencer moves to his wife's small mining hometown as the holiday season is rolling around. Anticipating a slow work life, he's not prepared for an advent calendar's worth of dead bodies, missing persons reports, and unusual creature sightings.

Nick Clauster might have something to say about a new detective prowling around the town he's spent so many years cultivating.

Filled with chaotic carols, chupacabra puppies, mothmen, sentient Christmas trees and more, this anthology promises to reignite the old tradition of telling ghost stories in the dead of winter.


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