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General Overview

Felix Reed is a demon on a mission: Expand his family and expand his company. There are just a few problems. His wife doesn't want to expand their family and his grandpa owns the rival company and wishes he would just grow up and take over his company instead like he was supposed to.

Add in a sister he can't face because he royally fucked her life up.

Then there's the ill sister with the same face as the other sister so he can't bear to look at her either.

Fold in the first sister's creepy ex-fiancé who you're sure wants you dead in some sort of creepy living head on a giant mutant frog's body. 

Mix in some witches who are killing your employees.

Add a vampire who just wants his life back.


Stir in a hard-working employee who has no interest in a threesome...

And that's Splatter.

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