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Characters in Order of Appearance

Felix Archibald Reed: Pansexual, Cis, He/Him-Demon, fudgey-brown hair,  forest green eyes, older than 25 years. Felix is the owner of Global Industries. He has a brain parasite that affects the way he thinks and acts. 97% of the time he is an idiotic ham. Other nicknames: Fifi and Lex.

Meliora Elizabeth Reed: Bisexual, Non-Binary, She/Her-Demon, coffee brown hair, teal eyes, 23 years old. Melee is Felix's wife. While Felix owns Global, she runs it behind the scenes.  She is strong, but others perceive her as too strong and almost masculine.

Alistair Warren Reed: (as a teen probably bisexual?), Cis, He/Him- Demon, coffee brown hair, teal eyes, 4 years old. Al is Felix and Melee's only son. He is a good baby and everyone loves him. Sometimes referred to as: Owlie or Little Man.

Keiichi Yamamoto: Heterosexual, Cis, He/Him- Demon, black hair, blood red eyes, 29 years old. Kei is the second in command at Global. He's Felix's best friend and doubles as Melee's assistant. Kei is one of the few people who can get away with teasing Felix. Other nicknames: Kiki.

Basilius London White: Pansexual, Cis, He/Him- Manipulator, black hair, pale orange eyes, 28 years old. Bas works for Wigco as a Collector. He was once engaged to one of Felix's sisters, Evie, but after the event he was forced to keep his distance from her. Bas doesn't care for most people and instead tends to prefer keeping to himself and unlocking the mysteries of the world.

Yuji Yamamoto:  , Bisexual, Gender fluid most likely, He/Him-Demon, golden-honey blonde hair, emerald green eyes, 23 years old. Yuji is Bas's partner at Wigco as well as Kei's little brother. He is on a cosmic quest for love and is a hopeless romantic. He befriends Felix's other sister, Rose. Yuu tends to err on the clumsy side. Other nicknames include: Gigi.

Evelyn Isabelle Masons: Bisexual, Cis, She/Her-Demon, fudge-brown hair, golden amber eyes, 25 years old. Evie is Felix's little sister and the only female Collector to ever work for Wigco. As Bas's ex-fiance she is dealing with a personal trauma and desperately seeking closure. Other nicknames include: Eve and Ellie.

Damien Cooper: Bisexual, Cis, He/Him- Demon, red hair, caramel eyes, 27 years old. Damien is a Collector at Wigco who was reassigned to double as a bodyguard for Rose. When The Chairman decides he's not getting enough info from his spy, he reassigns Damien to go work directly underneath Felix. Damien is currently engaged to Rosemary.

Rosemary Emmeline Masons: Pansexual, Non-Binary, She/Her-Demon, fudge-brown hair, hazel eyes (with emerald green and amber rings), 25 years old. Rosie is the final Masons child (and Evie's twin) and has been dealing with an unknown disease from birth. She struggles with infertility and hates being cooped up and told what to do. She is a romantic girly-girl who also loves video games and comic books of the less feminine variety. Other nicknames include: Rose, Emma, and Em.

Aria: Heterosexual, Cis, She/Her- Burgundy hair, lime-green eyes, 27 years old. Aria is Yuji's girlfriend who is very much in love with him. Dissent follows when she can sense his emotions pulling further and further away from her. She's certain he's going to leave her but isn't sure if it's for Bas or Rosie. Nickname: Arie

Sebastian Percival Black: Heterosexual, Cis, He/Him/They/Them-Demon, black hair, bluer than teal eyes, 17 years old. Sebastian is the younger twin who tends to be more obedient and considerate of others. He wants his eldest brother back in his life and he has a crush on the Global Secretary: Willow. Nicknames: Sebby and Seb.

Cesario Wilton Black: Bisexual, Cis, He/Him-Demon, black hair, tealer than blue eyes, 17 years old.  Considering himself the "middle child" (despite being a twin), Cesario tends to act up for attention. He's known for having a bad attitude that causes his brothers grief, but at his core he is a true Collector and follows the laws of the city. Nicknames: Ces, Ces-pool

Azrael Spyridon Black: Pansexual, Cis, He/Him-Demon, black hair, icy blue eyes, 26 years old. As the eldest of the Black brothers, Az took care of the twins upon the death of their parents (car accident). He left the boys in his ex's care when he went for the Dragon, but due to circumstances of being massively underpowered and understaffed he wound up needing to be cursed with vampirism in order to live. Az is also in love with a witch. Nickname: Az-hole

Quill Lawson: Pansexual, Cis, He/Him-Seer, blue spikey hair, mocha eyes, 31 years old. Quill is widely regarded as the laziest employee at Global Industries, but somehow he seems to know things that others don't. The only ones who are aware that he is a seer are Felix and Bas.

Godric Masons: Heterosexual, Cis, He/Him-Demon, honey-blonde hair, amber eyes, 90 years old. Godric is the father of Felix, Rose, and Evie.  He is also the Chief of Surgery and owner of Cumulus Memorial Hospital (the largest hospital in the city). Godric has been trying to help Rosemary with her infertility and isn't afraid to tell his daughters what he thinks of their life partners while also respecting their autonomy. Nicknames: Dr. Masons, Daddy.

Ran Ichikawa: Asexual, Cis, She/Her-Manipulator, platinum blonde hair,  sparkling aqua eyes, 25 years old. Ran is an ex-model who is currently a spy for Wigco. Due to her boyfriend, Keiichi, being a workaholic and bringing work home, she takes a look at Global's plans and sneaks the information to either Yuji or Bas. Ran knows what she needs from her relationship and isn't afraid to ask for it.

Squash: Sprite, Golden-Retriever, 3 years old. Squash is a golden-retriever who can summon squashes at will. He is a good boy. Yes, he is.

The Chairman: Heterosexual, Cis, He/Him- Demon, Brown hair, amber eyes, 126 years old. The Chairman is Godric's Father as well as the owner/Chairman of Wigco, the World's leading firm in Collections. He comes across as hard and stubborn, but he truthfully just wants the best for his son and his grandchildren. Wyatt is a germaphobe. Other names: Wyatt Masons, The Old Fart.

Akio Yamamoto: Pansexual, Cis, He/Him- Demon, Black hair, blood-red eyes, 59 years old. Akio is Keiichi and Yuji's father. He is sympathetic towards Yuu's sensitivities as well as Azrael's plight.

Psykhe Cameron: Bisexual, Cis, She/Her- Witch, Golden-blonde, sapphire eyes, 24 years old. Psykhe took pity and cursed Azrael in order to save his life. While nursing him back to health, the two fell in love and were expecting a child. She tends to be better with potions than incantations and sometimes makes over-hasty decisions and chooses the wrong spell.

Willow: Pansexual, Non-binary, She/her-Demon, espresso-black hair, warm blue eyes, 18 years old. A secretary at Global Industries. Sebastian has a crush on her.

Sheree: Asexual, Cis, She/Her-Demon, 49 years old. Wyatt Mason's personal assistant. Excels in "getting the vacuum".

Samael White: Homosexual, Non-binary, He/Him/ They/ Them- Manipulator, black hair, honey eyes, 14 years old. Samael is Albinus's youngest child and was placed in a foster home upon his father's death. His foster family took care of him and taught him their trade (managing Cumulus Cemetery). Sam is a little aloof, but is generally receptive to seeing Evie and Bas. No one knows who his mother is.

Alec: Pansexual, Cis, He/Him-Demon, 32 years old. Willow's boyfriend. Believes he's expecting a child with her.

Euripides: Part fairy, part T4 bacteriophage, part cucumber, black eyes, purple crystalline head, 5 years old. Euripides is Bas's highly competent lab assistant. He mostly helps out around the lab and takes care of Squash when Bas is away.

Ava: Pansexual, Trans Woman, She/Her- Seer, bubble-gum pink hair, green eyes, 34 years old. Ava is a healer who works closely with Godric at the hospital. At one point, she was one of Felix's many friends with benefits. Melee hates her.

Drystan Vaneedle: Bisexual, Cis, He/Him- Demon, Midnight Blue-Black hair, black eyes, 40 years old. Evie's therapist. Uses unorthodox methods to promote positive behaviors.


Johnathan: Demon, age 30. Rapist asshole.

Italia: Pansexual, Cis, She/Her- Seer, salmon-peach hair, 41 years old. Italia is a necromancer and one of Felix's previous friends with benefits. She's still bitter that Felix chose Melee over her. Italia teemed up with a rogue coven and is working with Nyssa to bring back Hypnos.

Nyssa White: Pansexual, Cis, She/Her- Witch, golden blonde hair, chocolate eyes, 53 years old. Nyssa is Psykhe's mother. The two don't get along due to Nyssa blaming Psykhe for the death of her first daughter, Constance (a half-fairy from a previous liason before she married Maximus Cameron). Constance was trying to hide her baby sister when poachers found her and slaughtered her. After that, Nyssa grew distant from her youngest and saw her husband Maximus spoil the child. Jealous of Maximus's attention, she tried to get her husband to have a son with her. When he refused, she started cheating on him and accusing him of cheating on her. Maximus started seeing another witch and upon Nyssa finding out, she threatened to destroy the one thing he loved most: Psykhe. During a Collector raid, Maximus was taken and Nyssa fled into the night. She eventually met Albinus White and fell in love. The two were married. She is not Samael's mother.

Albinus Orion White: Heterosexual, Cis, He/Him- Manipulator, white hair, red eyes, 68 years old. Albinus is Bas's elder brother and is able to manipulate the dreams of anyone within his range. Years before the events of Splatter, Bas tricked him while they were out collecting unicorns. Albinus was stabbed with the horn and died. Now back from the dead, he wants revenge and  to take back what he believes should have been his.

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