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Cumulus is a city of demons. Its citizens survive on the trade of collecting monsters to sell to warring nations. Brutal and bloodthirsty, Felix Reed is the powerful owner of Global Industries, a breakaway company of Wigcothe worlds leading firm in monster collections. With his perfect family and company on the rise, Felix is a man on a mission.

He wants to expand Global Industries and, with it, his tyrannical reign over the city. First, though, he must overthrow Wigco, his grandfathers company. Hell stop at nothing to spread his empire, even at the expense of his family, namely his sisters. True, Cumulus is in the business of war, but what happens when the city goes to war with itself due to Felixs meddling?

Seven years after an intense trauma, enough is enough. Determined to put things right, one of his sisters sets in motion a chain of events that might put Felixs reign of terror to an end. Felix must struggle for dominance, watchful of ever-lurking spies and adversaries. Can he succeed, or will an unexpected threat overtake him and throw him into a world of darkness where even shadows are afraid?

Content and Trigger Warnings

Violence throughout the entire thing

Chapter 31: Threats of suicide

Chapter 51: Suicide

Chapter 62: Rape, Infanticide, Cannibalism

Chapter 72: Accident that leads to miscarriage

Moonlit Fortress

Squish- in progress, Second Draft

Ten years after Hypnos has risen, Melee scrambles to get the city back from the tyrannical god. With the help of Bas, can they pull him into their world and put his nightmare to an end?

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