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History of Entraptus and the Birth of Cumulus

(Plus Other Minor Details That Didn't Make it Into Splatter)

War of the Manipulators

Long ago, all races were seen as equal with one exception: The Manipulators. The Manipulators were heralded as Gods as they had multiple powers that could control the very forces of nature with the flick of a finger. Some refused the worship, insisting they were no better than the others, but others quickly took to the prestige of their new ascension. They began asking for offerings in exchange for their services, demanding crops in exchange for longer days, demanding women in exchange for bountiful catches. Some even went as far to demand demon sacrifices.  As more and more began to abuse the races that worshipped them, the other Manipulators began banding together, determined to stop them. To prevent their reign being stripped from their grasps, the first Box of Artemis was brought into existence, utilizing the hearts of powerful demons to capture being of other races and force them to fight on their behalf. The war forced the benevolent Manipulators to follow suit, vowing that upon the end, all of their captives would be set free and  that the demons who sacrificed themselves would not have died in vain. The War took centuries, but in the end, the Gods were removed from the Earth and the Manipulators retreated back into the shadows, keeping their promise to free all of their soldiers. Each race has different memories of the Gods who left Entraptus, though the stories that are passed down have been so diluted it's regarded as a tall tale and superstition. For example, traditional witches can tell of a time when Satellite was using the powers of the Moon to strip away their powers. They were saved when Nyx came to put a stop to his reign. Over the Centuries the story changed and currently young witches learn they need to stay indoors when the moon is full because the Full Moon will try to steal their powers and cause them infertility and miscarriage. They worship a deity known as the Night Goddess who offers protection and every 13th new moon, they hold a festival in her honor, deeming her a fertility goddess. Of course, the young witches deem it as pure superstition and will often sneak out on full moons, hoping they never get caught by their elders.

The Birth of Cumulus

Thousands of years after the War of the Manipulators, a man named Diggory Masons was exploring the woods near a small witch coven, searching for treasure that had been hypothesized in the area. Following a small fault line, he was lead to a small cavern and upon months of excavating found a catacomb within it where the original Boxes of Artemis has been buried. He quickly packed away the thousands of charred hearts created by the Manipulators millennia before taking them to a small hut where he had been staying. Diggory Masons knew what he had found was valuable and he knew he had just struck it rich as long as he could fill them. He began filling the Boxes of Artemis, one by one and spread the word that he had creatures for sale to the highest Demon bidder. Demons began flocking to him, either for purchase or employment and soon a city was built around where his cottage was built. This city was called Cumulus and to this day is run by the descendants of Diggory Masons.

Azrael's Music Box

It should be noted that first and foremost: witches make music boxes. They also make really nice quilts and other things that get stolen when Collectors come for a raid.

Maximus Cameron loved his daughter. She was truly the best thing in his life as he found his relationship with his wife turn sour. His wife had a growing resentment towards her younger daughter (who she blamed for the death of her first born) and her husband's refusals to try for a boy. The growing rift between them lead to his wife cheating and Maximus finding himself in the arms of a witch who cared for his daughter as much as he did. The pair would often sit and gaze into the crystal ball to see if they could see where Psykhe's life would lead her and the only thing consistent was that she was bound in love to a demon with black curly hair. Maximus found himself lying in bed, thinking about the man who would steal his daughter away. Was she happy? Would he make her happy? With Psykhe's birthday nearing, he began to make his daughter a birthday present; a music box. He carved two figures: his daughter and her demon so that they might spin in circles with the music upon opening it. Upon the bottom, he engraved the words: Forever lost without my Psykhe.

Male witches are a prized trophy. All witches begin in the womb as women and through the magic of their mother, men are made. As such, it takes a powerful witch to have a son and a son is born more powerful than a daughter. Powerful witches make excellent fighters in the Demon Wars throughout Entraptus. It was no surprise that Collectors showed up. Maximus was captured and in the fray, Nyssa managed to escape, desperate to start at a Coven that didn't know her history, leaving her only living child behind to fend for herself. And why should she care? Psykhe was an evil little thing and would be better off burnt alive.

During the raid, Akio Yamamoto searched the Cameron household and picked up the music box, eying the black haired demon and the blond woman dancing around. It reminded him of him and his wife, Jessica, who was pregnant with her first child, Yuji. He took the box home and gave it to Jessica who seemed to appreciate it.

A few years into their marriage, Jessica was no longer content to be a stay-at-home mom and began going to parties, hooking up with strange men, and doing drugs. Akio tried to cut off her funds so she started stealing things from the house and selling them. One of the things that was sold was the music box. Akio confronted her about how her partying was destroying them and after one last fight, Akio kicked her out. Jessica tried to take Yuji, but Akio was adamant about keeping his son, even though he and everyone else knew Yuji wasn't really his. Akio pretended, to Keichi's dismay, that Jessica went traveling and would be back at any time. Years passed and Yuji assumed his mom was dead.

The music box sat in an antique shop for a couple years when one day, Samuel Black came in searching for an anniversary present for his wife. He saw the charming music box, and liking the tune quickly bought it and gave it to his wife, who adored it and would play it for her three boys: Azrael, Sebastian, and Cesario. To this day, the box quietly chimes a delightful tune within the Black Household. The engraving is still on the bottom as the figures of Azrael Black and Psykhe Cameron dance with each other in endless circles.

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