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Different Races in Entraptus


Demons are the dominating race of Cumulus. They are considered by most to be top of the food chain and are the ones who are tasked with carrying out the every day duties of keeping Cumulus running. These demons, for all intents and purposes, are like humans. They each have a demonic ability that manifests during puberty that is considered to be illegal if used against other demons. No matter your demon’s status, if they are found to do so, they will go to jail. No exceptions. Not even Felix Reed or Wyatt Masons would be acquitted of this crime. But like humans, these demons don’t have horns, they don’t have fangs, or claws, or weird colored eyes or weird colored hair. Most demons heal extremely quickly so piercings are a no-no as their skin would literally fuse with any foreign object left in the hole. If you read Splatter, you may be thinking, “But wait! Basilius White has orange eyes! That’s not a normal eye color!” Basilius White is part of an overpowered class. He is not a demon. Notable demons include but are not limited to: Yuji and Keichi Yamamoto, Sebastian and Cesario Black, Meliora Reed, and Damien Cooper.



Vampires are the single most damned race. Vampires are creatures who are demons who have had the misfortune of enraging a witch. As it is a curse, the condition is not contagious so demons don’t typically fear a vampire, but rather see is as a loathsome bottom-dweller who leeches on unsuspecting demons in the night. So as a curse, what does it do? Well… that depends on which coven the witch came from, but most would agree that the curse is noisome and overall unpleasant. It can range from mildly irritating such as ringing in the ears all the way up to feeling like all of your blood vessels are constantly on fire. So why do they feed on blood? The curse, no matter the coven, comes with anemia and an unquenchable yearning for iron that iron supplements just don’t seem to help with. Feeding temporarily staves off the hunger (and the pain), but the more progressed the curse is, the more frequently feedings will need to occur. Playing a vampire, your character will slowly be driven mad by the incessant nature of the curse it is given and every time your character levels, they will lose a point of sanity. When they hit 0, their time is up and they will go on a rampage and kill everything that’s in their path, loved one or not. Features for a vampire will include fangs, sharper nails, and if advanced enough, wings. Hair and eye colors must be normal. As they are anemic, they heal much more slowly so could potentially withstand a piercing, but doing so may draw the (unwanted) attention of nearby demons. The only two named and notable vampires in Splatter are: Azrael Black and Dr. Drystan Vaneedle.


Seers are a different creature that is surprisingly treated as equals by the demons. By and large, most demons aren’t even aware they exist as a separate race and regard their sight as another form of demonic power, but those born to the gift or those elite members of Wigco are only all too familiar with the usefulness of a Seer.  Seers tend to have naturally bright funky colored hair (pinks, blues, greens, purples, oranges, etc) and can have natural or unnatural colored eyes. They tend to have multiple piercings and aren’t necessarily tied to one company or another. They tend to sell their sight for money while also having a day job when the need for Sight is reduced. For all intents, you can consider these folks your pop-colored punky psychics. Seers tend to serve one being before others: a Manipulator with a coordinating ability. A Seer who can see the strands of fate may serve, for example: Phanos (life), Thanatos (death), or even the Moirai. Each Manipulator can have more than one Seer, but each Seer only serves one Manipulator. A classic example, from Splatter, is the Seer Quill who can see the inner hearts of people, see them for who they truly are and uncover their subconscious selves. Quill serves his master Hypnos (Sleep), even after his master’s Death. His day job involves looking into matters for Felix and some light Collecting on the side at Global Industries. Other notable Seers include the Healer Ava and Cernon, the operator of a Demon Orphanage.



Witches are amongst one of the most powerful creatures to be hunted by Collectors, and as such make for one very fine trophy. Witches tend to look much like Demons, but don’t ever tell a Demon that! Everyone knows that in every forest is a witch. What most don’t realize is that once you’ve entered a witch’s domain, you’ve entered all of them so twenty forests become one. They spiritually link each coven’s location to one another’s to be able to flee faster or call for backup more quickly should an intruder enter. Another interesting tidbit is that for witches, all fetuses start as female and it’s only through the pouring of magic from the mother to the womb that a witch who is truly powerful will create a male. Since males are made with such power, males are stronger than their female counterparts, and a witch who births a son will be in the running to become the matriarch of the coven. Male witches are obviously in high demand and are often the first to be captured by teams of Collectors and due to the decline of males, the females in the coven have lost their mates (it still takes two to tango) and the population is dwindling down and nearing extinction. Despite the endangerment, Demons still find great pride in the capture of these magical beings. As mentioned in the section on Vampires, Witches can and will curse Demons (and Seers) if enraged and as such, you’ll find a lot of tension between Witches and Vampires. A vampire’s curse is typically an indication that that person is an enemy of all witches and interactions will usually be hostile. This is not always the case however. There can be extenuating circumstances, as was the case of Azrael Black and his witch Psykhe who fell in love with each other. Other notable witches are Nyssa White and Charlotte Anderson.



Born from a nightmare, Bogeymen will take a shape that suits them best. These creatures can have whatever appearance they desire at whatever time, their hair can change color by the second, and they can disappear into the shadows. Bogeymen are seen as leeches, preying on fear and as kids are so easy to scare, you can often find them hiding under beds and in closets as the darkness allows them to teleport from plane to plane. The basic ability of a Bogeyman is to cause anyone to (re)live their worst nightmare over and over and over again which can lead to madness if revisitation becomes persistent. As mentioned above, bogeymen are born from nightmares, so are often the result of a child’s imagination. With this in mind, most bogeymen are likely to have strange names, having being named by their creator. Names like Mr. Smiley or the Green Eyed Lady are not uncommon and Bogeymen aren’t terribly imaginative themselves and cannot think of a better name with which to go by so the child’s name will stick with the Bogeyman until their death. Bogeymen rarely stick around with their Creator upon discovery by the parents. They will either retreat into the shadows and feed off the fears of the homeless or get captured and sold by Collectors. The only known Bogeyman named in the Splatterverse is Placebo, a Bogeyman created by Basilius White, born of the simultaneous fear and need of companionship. Placebo to this day remains Bas’s best friend.


As briefly mentioned in the Background of Entraptus, Manipulators are in essence: Gods. The tend to follow the Grecian pantheon, and for the most part have obscured themselves so most aren't even aware of their existence. Each Manipulator has a Seer who accompanies them. Manipulators tend to look exactly like demons, but they are able to pierce their ears and their eyes tend to take on a brighter hue. Some manipulators have eyes that actually glow (like Bas) or give off a lot of sparkle (like Ran). Breeding with a manipulator can be extremely dangerous and cause premature death due to sheer power levels that the unborn child would be manifesting and sucking up. As such, 99% of Manipulators are pure-blooded. Due to this, it is suspected the that Masons family might have a bit of Manipulator blood running through their veins. Notable manipulators include: Albinus White (Hypnos), Basil White (refuses to use his Grecian name), Ran Ichikawa (doesn't know her Grecian name), Seishi Ichikawa, and Samael White.

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